Photo archives for the Clinton County Historical Association


Purchase a Historical Print

Every photo you see here in the Clinton County Historical Photos Archive is available for you to purchase as a frameable print. The prices are as follows:

  • Premier 20″ X 30″ $60
  • Large 16″ X 20″ $45
  • Medium 11″ X 14″ $25
  • Small 8″ X 10″ $20

Let us know if you are interested by filling out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Purchase a Historical Portrait

The CCHA archives also include a large number of formal portraits from the 1890s to probably the 1930s. And by a large number, we estimate there are more than 17,000 portraits. Most are glass negatives and many have deteriorated over time, but they will make good reproductions.

The images are each identified by a name, probably of the subject himself or herself, but we can’t guarantee that. The portrait subjects lived in Plattsburgh and the surrounding communities within Clinton County. Only a few hundred can be identified by a probable location and a definite date when the image was captured. Nevertheless, they are a fascinating collection of images from 100 or more years ago and may offer a unique opportunity to preserve for the entire family the image of an ancestor.

CCHA is making available prints or a digital reproduction of any of our portraits. Below are two downloadable PDF documents for searching the names of people associated with the images in this collection. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to receive a jpeg version of the portrait and to make arrangements to purchase a print copy.

The prices are the same as for the Historical Prints plus an additional option of a digital jpeg:
Premier 20″ X 30″ $60
Large 16″ X 20″ $45
Medium 11″ X 14″ $25
Small 8″ X 10″ $20
Lower quality digital jpeg $20